Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sister breakfast and jewelry

I had a sister breakfast this weekend. Hung out at the condos in downtown Omaha. Spent a little time shopping at Cato's. I then came on home, Steve and I went to eat Chinese in Bellevue.

I have sold a total of 10 bracelets in the last couple weeks, time to get cracking on making more. I've also gotten an order for Psalm 23 bracelets. 9 of them to be exact. 8 are for birthday gifts for a woman I work with and 1 is for Donna, she was on the bus trip we took to Arkansas.

We watched a movie this weekend called "The Haunted Airman" with Robert Pattinson. The house where the film was shot resembled the Haunted house we stayed in while on the bus tour to Arkansas. However, once I looked it up I realized it was not the same house at all. However, if any of the sisters look at this photo they will see how I surmised they were the same, they are both very similar.

I'll see if I can't add a photo of the hotel after it was restored:

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