Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home from Arizona

The snapdragons and pansies were in full bloom, I have photos to prove it. The palm trees were great, we were in our shirt sleeves. The first day we arrived we needed to wear our coats, it was rainy and cold, but after that the sun was shining proudly, we were soaking it up.

I got some great new beads and a few clasps, they are the most difficult things to find, but I did find some that were not like any I can find around 'these parts'.

This is a bracelet I made after returning home from Tucson, love these little beads, I added some swarovski crystals in Padparadscha. Love how it turned out. IT SOLD LAST NIGHT!!!!

Flowers in Mesa outside our hotel. The photo was a little dark because it was 11:30 at night.

Geode we thought looked like a coffin. I'd love to have a big amethyst geode in my house, they are so pretty! This one has such a deep color.

Outside the hotel before we went into a show. It was shirt sleeve weather for sure.

More Geodes....I just love them!!!

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supermom said...

wow, did you make that? hee hee, ha ha, i crack me up!