Monday, February 1, 2010


I just finished:

Mitch Albom's: 'Have a little Faith'
Sarah Palin's: 'Going Rogue'
Robert Hick's: 'A Separate Country'
John Grisham: 'Ford County'

Getting ready to listen to:

Jeannette Walls: 'Half Broken Horse"

I enjoyed The Glass Castle so much by Jeannette Walls I am anxious to start her book tomorrow.

I love books on CD, makes the morning commute to work enjoyable.


supermom said...

are you using your mp3 player for those?

Cindy said...

No, I am not I'm embarrassed to say that I havn't loaded anything onto it.

Aaron & Jennifer said...

OOOH I want to get both of Janette Walls books (I realize I just tortured her first name!) I have so many books that I need to read! :)