Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sourdough Madness

I have been interested in sourdough bread from time to time. It intrigues me how a starter is kept in a fridge for many years, used to make bread almost on a whim every time you want it.

What is interesting is how the starter becomes more intense and flavorful over time, all you do is feed it a little flour and water. There are some starters that have been kept alive for 50 years or more. Handed down from generation to generation. You can make your own, purchase it here....what prevented me from ordering it was the $6.95 shipping fee. $15 almost for a starter. Little too much for me....I would rather spend that money on glass for my hobby or jewelry findings.

I found a link to obtain free starter, there is a history behind the starter. I've sent off for some, thought you might enjoy the link also. It requires sending a self addressed stamped business envelope. There is quite a bit of information available in that link to help answer any questions you might have.

I first thought about the starter when I saw the ciabatta bread here.

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supermom said...

i love me some SD bread, yummy!