Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kitchen Aid is in the house!

I have been wanting a professional kitchen aid mixer for awhile now, one that will allow for LARGE batches of it is in the color of choice! Thanks SANTA

Isaac got a kitchen aid for Christmas, 'after market' that comes with a good background.....he knows exactly how much it has been used.......and how old it is! I gave him my old one, it still has a lifetime of use in it, have fun with it son.


supermom said...

ha, spoiled you r!

Amy Miller Designs said...

Hi Cindy,

You were one of the winners of the Amy Miller Designs giveaway at Bake it Pretty!! I've sent you a couple e-mails about you winning since it was announced on Bake it Pretty here: but have not heard back back from you. I noticed when you left your entry on the Bake it Pretty blog post there was a link to your blog. I thought I would try contacting you this way. Maybe my e-mails have been landing in your junk/spam folder.

If you get this message please email me at and we can discuss more from an e-mail.

Amy Miller