Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Life can move so fast sometimes

This week has been a whirlwind of activity since we got home. The usual, all the laundry to wash, had to get groceries, flowers were dying of thirst, some had to be replaced. Got home to a yard full of GRACKLES, the meanest bird God invented I think. They actually rip the heads off little birds if they want to take over a territory. Can you say BB Gun? It makes them leary of coming to the backyard. So far it is working a little better than I thought it would.

I love the birds, I am trying to lure in some Orioles that live in the tree next door to us. So, I have grape jelly, Grapefruit, and an orange Suet we got at the feed store. No sign of an oriole this side of the evergreen trees that divide our property. So, I bought a little feeder that holds sunflower seeds and peanuts. I filled it with safflower seeds. It is hard for a grackle to sit on, and it attracts the kind of birds we WANT in our yard. I tried the big sign "NO GRACKLES" but they must not be old enought to read, they continue to frequent our feeders. I kind of go crazy when I decide I want something. I research it to death, then try to figure out a way to get it done. The bird feeder Steve built for me is way cool. I also have a bird bath, and I found a cool plastic one at Wal-Mart (my home away from home) the other day. Very cool. They love it, I hung it up on Sunday, it is almost empty. I read on the web it needs to be sheltered, so tonight, in the tree it goes, so it isn't open to predators. WHO KNEW?

Well, got to go, take care all.


JEN said...

We have been getting into watching/feeding pretty birdies too! My problem is the dang squirrels! Just like you, I tried to post a sign to keep them out - but those dang squirrels either ignore my sign or don't know how to read! Also, the black birds are a pain in my side. They poop all over my car! Have a good day!

grandmacarnes said...

Jen, the blackbirds might be grackles, look them up on the internet, they can take over a neighborhood, and they kill the little birds. I read that a colony can get as large as 50-100 pairs! YIKES.

Wendy said...

darn...i wish someone would have watered those plants.

JEN said...

OH MY - I DO have a whole yard full of grackles!!!!!!!! Those dang birds! Now I am even more mad than I was before. I suppose there is no way to get rid of them - well besides the BB gun? Aaron did shoot one once - he has a bb gun that is as old as he is and trust me the bb didn't hurt the bird - but it did startle it!!