Sunday, June 10, 2007

LUCY, I'm Hooooooome!

Isaac shouts that most of the time when he comes in the back door, he is such a light hearted soul.

Steve and I returned from Colonial Williamsburg, it was such a relaxing time. We spent a lot of time in the car. Aren't vacations weird? First you can't wait to get there, then you can't wait to get home! We drove 925 miles on Thursday so we could sleep in our own bed, and slept I did, like a rock, it was great.

I had a chance to re-acquaint myself with a bead friend from the International Society of Glass Bead Makers, her name is Ann Scherm Baldwin, her husband is a minister. She makes beads, and is just the most delightful person I know. She is very diplomatic, grounded, sweet and a great friend. We met her in Virginia Beach, went to the bead store where she has beads on display, then ate lunch with her. We had a good time discussing the politics of the Organization mentioned above. Isn't life interesting sometimes?

We would have never been able to do this if it hadn't been for the newest member of our family: RUBY! Ruby is the name I gave our GPS system. We purchased it at the Bass Pro Shop, who would have known that something like that could make life so much easier? Steve's brother Scott rented one on his vacation to Hawaii last month, he was telling us all about it when he and his new wife Deb were down for my 50th brithday. We were so curious, I called to ask them all kinds of questions about it, he insisted we borrow it for our trip, but "borrow" is a bad word to Steve. He is always afraid that something will happen to the borrowed item and we would have to replace it, so we found out all the details, and went to Bass Pro to buy one of our own. I am so glad we did, Steve tells everybody it prevented a lot of arguing, but on the other hand, we had nothing to talk about! How silly, any of you that know me know the trip was anything but silent. HA!

We spent 2 days in Williamsburg, we blew thru there in one day, but somehow missed the museum and the carpenter's shop. We made a trip back the 2nd day to see those two things.

I have many photos, but have to figure out how to get them off the camera and onto the pc. It is not as simple a processs as it was with my old camera.

The last thing I wanted to say is we tried to stop in Columbia Missouri to visit the pie shop Karen worked in when she lived there, but couldn't get the phone number from anybody while on the road. We missed it, when I got home, I looked it up and we were 3 minutes away from it on the highway. I wish we could have stopped to thank the ladies for their kindness toward Karen when she lived in Columbia. They acted as surrogate mother to her, and I am forever grateful. They are very interesting women, they started a pie shop that has been on food network twice, and been in Southern Living Magazine. Their pies are great, I ordered one for my dad for Father's day after Karen came home. He really liked it, he is and always was a peach pie fan, this one had a crumb crust, I have never been able to find a recipe to make one with a crumb crust. If any of you reading this have one, please send it to me. Right now, I have to ready myself for work, tomorrow marks the week of my go-live in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) the facial recognition piece i have been talking about. This will be a very busy week for me, so pray for me to have strength and stamina, I will need it.

By the way, Hi Mikie, I love you, and am very impressed you are interested enough in all of our lives to read our blogs.

Hi, Karen Fleharty, I love you and pray for you often, but I will not let you think I am amazing, I did not home school my children, if I had, they would have to drag out a globe out to the table every time they hear about a country, because I stunk BAD at geography! I feel very blessed to have you as a lifelong friend.

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