Saturday, June 23, 2007

Luuuuucccccyyyyyyyyy, I am Hoooommmmme!

Isaac cracks me up when he does that, we did it to him tonight, he isn't thrilled with our sense of humor sometimes, haha.

A couple nights ago Isaac went fishing with a couple of his friends, and got in late, around 10:30 or 11:00. Before I tell you what I did to him, I want you to know how often he jumps out from behind a wall, a door, a closet, or whatever and scares the life out of me. I happened to be taking a load of laundry out of the dryer (which is located right behind the back door.) when he shoved the door open, his arms came in with the tackle box, his pole, and the net. He came in just a little bit, I stuck my hand out and said "BOO". No loud voice, nothing, he jumped and was instantly irritated. I laughted quietly until my sides hurt. See, no sense of humor in him at times!

Steve and I didn't go to Galena, we decided to go to the Amanas, spur of the moment. I called a bed and breakfast that was listed in a guide book we picked up in the visitor center. What a nice place, we had a great breakfast there this morning. Steve's boss told him he didn't like B&B's because you have to eat a 'communal' breakfast together. So, Steve wasn't sure about doing that, but knew i would love to meet new friends. (Since he says I NEVER MEET STRANGERS! Wonder what he means by THAT? HA!) We met a couple about our age, they sat at our table, and we had the nicest visit. We took a long walk, then started visiting all the shops. It was so much fun! We did see a copper guy, his work is so neat. I love the great big Heron and the Praying Mantis! The colors on everything were so vivid. I love that kind of thing. He also had some mosaiced bird baths, I have always wanted to do mosaics, but could never bring myself to breaking up perfectly good dishes.

WEll, just got home a bit ago, ready to do the laundry and get to bed!

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