Monday, September 17, 2007

Fundraiser is over

We did really well selling the breads, fudge, cream puffs and homemade noodles. It will be fun to do it again next year, we learned a little bit about how to organize it a little better. The homemade beef and chicken and noodles went over really well in the park. The wind blew, it was pretty chilly, people were really buying it that day. I was surprised.

The most popular items were the beer bread, banana bread, pumpkin bread, butterscotch bread and tropical bread. Cream puffs were popular after people ate the noodles.

The fudge went over really well, we expect it to do extremely well during the Holiday Bake Shoppe. My plan is to make up sample platters to send to work with Michelle so she can let all of her co-workers taste it prior to ordering. The platter will have peanut brittle added, it is my favorite thing at Christmastime. I don't need it, and manage to get rid of it each year after tasting a piece or two.

Today it was official, they posted the winners of the school supply drive, they put the photo of Kim and I in the hospital newspaper. I hate photos of ME!


supermom said...

your a hotty, nothing wrong with you pic. i think you look great. :)

JEN said...

your a SUPERSTAR!!! Yay for you!! You look great by the way. :)