Friday, September 14, 2007

Pics of Baking

Here are some photos of the bake-a-thon.
Deanne has no children, her and Mike have a home with a huge kitchen, long counters and a couple small ones that have plug ins to put all the kitchen aid mixers and allow us space to spread out and make a big mess. We use 8 foot tables, 2-3, one houses all the ingredients, the other two have the cooling racks for the breads, cookies, or whatever we need to put on them. They also have 2 chest freezers, one upright freezer, and 3 refrigerators. It makes it nice to have all that space available.

Here is Michelle at her finest. She is just a goof, we love her, the happiest one of all, joking and pretty laid back. She was born when I was 15 years old, her and her twin brother Michael. I bonded to them, carried them everywhere I went, they slept in my room with me, I really doted on them. No wonder they turned out so strange, I may have been a bad influence............NAHHHHHHHHHHH!:

THis is a fair shot of one of the counters, Brandy, my brother Mike's wife sticking another batch of mini loaves into the oven:

The last one is a partial photo of the table with the ingredients, I am at the sink in the black top, Deanne is to the left of me, and the one walking away on my right is my baby sister Wendy. The kitchen aid is on the counter, it's black, a huge industrial sized one. When we all bring ours, they are lined up everywhere in the kitchen. There is 30# of flour left, and we had been baking for 6 hours by this time. Not to exclude the 7 gallon bags or so of noodles I made while everyone else slaved over making bread. It was a ton of fun!

Tonight we are making cream puffs from scratch to serve at the park tomorrow. We'll be set up next to the group selling the beef and noodles and chicken and noodles we made a week or so ago for that event. I guess there is a car show, we will be in that area. It should be fun, and make enough for us to finish with the items we need for the Halloween party. This has been a great time for us to all bond together. When you get 6 strong minded, opinionated women together, it can sometimes be a treacherous gathering, but eveybody managed to behave and get along. That has not always been something that we have done well, I am impressed. After 3 weeks of non-stop 'togetherness', none of us are dead, not one bandaid, or scars! We are good!

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