Monday, September 10, 2007

Last post wouldn't work

I was busy putting up a post about the pumpkins one of my co-workers and his children enter in the state fair, with photos and everything, but Blogger won't let me post them in the format in which he sent them to me.

My sisters and I got together to make mini loaves of quick bread, regular sized loaves of quick bread, homemade dinner rolls, homemade noodles, and homemade wheat and white bread to sell this weekend at the local Whistle Stop days. We are doing this to fund the annual Spooktacular at Michelle's house next month.

We cooked all day on Saturday. I was there from 9am-11pm. I didn't get home until late! Since my sister has a moonlight job in a bar, Steve thought we all went there after we got done making noodles and things. I couldn't believe he thought I would do that......just goes to show ya, sometimes we don't know our spouses as good as we think.

This Friday we'll all be at Deanne's again making cream puffs to sell right next to the place that is doing lunch in the park. We plan to have at least 12 dozen puffs. It is going to be quite an adventure getting all these tables coordinated and set up on Saturday morning. We have a ton of stuff to transport. I am providing the little refrigerator for the cream puff filling, we have to put all the noodles in a freezer, if we have any left, my little sister is selling the noodles at work as we speak. We may get them all sold before we even get to the park on Saturday. Wouldn't that be grand?

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