Thursday, July 3, 2008

Isaac is one step closer and nervous

Isaac sold his car, it is one step closer to his beginning his new life. He'll study computer networking in South Dakota, he'll be gone for 2 years, after that they will fly him to job interviews, help him get set up in an apartment, and he'll be on with his life. I really wish him the best. He has such a high IQ, he isn't motivated to use it, which is sad. He can read, comprehend and remember everything. He just has no passion for anything at this time. He will find his way, he is just a late bloomer. Big, sweet, kind hearted boy.

He leaves July 14th to go to Job Corps. He is both excited and nervous, as most of us are, he is afraid of failing. Once he is there, the program is set up to both reinforce, support and encourage everyone that lives there. The students are reviewed every 31 days for progress. If they are struggling, they are reviewed more frequently, if they really struggle, the staff will help them on a daily basis. I think that is the neatest thing! He will not get in a situation where he will be 3 months behind and not know it like college. The other good thing is, there are no barriers for his parents. We can call to check on him and they will actually talk to us. Unlike the college.

IWCC was willing to take our tuition money, but not tell us how our son was doing. Hopefully, had we known he was struggling with time management, we could have moved him home and followed up on his schoolwork. But it didn't turn out that way, we'll just move on and move past that part of his life. I thought I would be happy to see him go and move into the next phase, but as the day approaches, I am getting sadder.

I have discovered I talk a big talk, but am really going to miss him!

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