Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mom's progress

I went to see Mom today. She walked in the halls while I was there, sat in the chair. By that time, she had been in the chair twice and walked twice.

She isn't eating very good at all. Nothing seems to taste good. She is down 20# since her surgery on June 23rd. I am getting nervous about that, I can tell ya. She had some kind of roast beef last night and seemed to enjoy that Mike brought it to her.

Tonight I'll go and work on cleaning her house some more, we are almost done. It will feel good to get it off my plate.

Isaac is doing good, he emails often. He says he really likes it there, the people are supportive and are all helping him to adjust and find his way around. He's met some new people, and is slowly making friends.

It is one week today.......he is pretty homesick. I miss him, too.

Today is my son-in-law's birthday, I am a louse and forgot again this year. Of course, I at least remember him, Karen's in-laws never remember her, in 8 years of marriage. I may be late, but I don't forget all together.

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