Thursday, July 17, 2008

Isaac's new venture

Isaac is in Boxelder Job Corps, South Dakota. He'll be there for 2 years studying the Computer Networking course they offer. We called him last night, he had been all over campus with some kids, they showed him around, got him settled. He went with a couple of them from his lodge to the recreation center. They played some pool, he told us he thinks he is really going to like it there. It was such a relief for his dad and I to hear that.

It is so hard to see them go, but it is the next natural step, get them educated and get them off on their own.

Mom is doing good, they redid her skin graft on Monday, took out part of it, then resutured the whole thing. The Dr. also removed 57 staples from her left leg, the skin graft site. They took a flap of skin with a muscle off of her leg to cover her rectum and her vagina. The sepsis didn't affect her skin graft, I am so thankful for that. It was touch and go there for a few days. We weren't really sure how it would end up. Thank god my little sister insisted the nursing home call the surgeon to get her transferred back. One more day would have changed the outcome for her.

We are still working on her floors in her house. Steve and I were there for a few hours last night. The doorways are uneven, he is levelling them with some kind of compound. I continued to remove tiles, and try to get it ready to lay the floor when he is all done. The bad thing is, it all has to be sanded down now and more compound spread around. We hoped to have it done by the weekend, but it isn't looking like we will.


supermom said...

oh good, i am glad Isaac is doing well.

i put a card in the mail today with pics of the kids and noah & Olivia drew him some pics too.

glad grandma is doing welll!

Parrott Flameworks said...

I"m glad to hear the update on your mom! Sounds like things are headed back in the right direction again!