Thursday, July 24, 2008


Mom is doing the same, she's lost her drive to get up and walk. She lays in bed most of the time. It's kind of sad, she isn't eating very much at all. I am at a loss as to what to do about it. She just wants to go home, but can't reason out her physical needs. She doesn't get out of bed alone, isn't walking alone, and isn't eating well enough to make her graft site heal. What to do?

Her tile are almost laid in her kitchen, Dianne and Bob are doing them. Steve and I are burned out. We put in the bathroom (Dianne helped me finish it) the sewing room, and the dining room. The dining room is a nice, square innocent looking space, but it caused us a ton of work, elbow grease and frustration. I am so glad it is done. I spent more than one night there working on it, giving up my own work time at home, now I am not caught up on my stuff.

Steve and I are taking this weekend off, we are spending time together doing whatever we want to do, then we'll get back to our responsibilities.

Family is all good, Isaac is getting a box from us today, he wanted his alarm clock, a package of peach rings, and his charger for his cell phone. We are shipping it all to him, along with his box of movies on DVD. God I miss him, the little stinker.

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