Thursday, January 29, 2009

ACK I hate to be sick!!

I have spent the week sick with an ear infection and a terrible cold. The only thing that this ever does for me is to make me catch up on my rest! Seriously, I am not all drug out and exhausted. I have been sleeping for days now........GAW!

Steve and I are taking a plunge, we are joining Anytime Fitness to get this weight off. We'll do that tomorrow after work. Both of us are getting off early, so that will be an afternoon thing we can do, wish me luck! I took off 60# before, I know I can do it again!

Miss O turned 4 on Tuesday, Isaac just took his A+ Certification test and passed, he did it with flying colors! Now he goes on to the next one. Hopefully he will be a computer guru by the time he is done, able to support himself and make a go at living on his own.

Sister is moving this weekend, I hope to make her dinner and take it to her. It is the worst thing to move, in my opinion. You arrive at the end of the day all exhausted and starving. It is nice to have real food you don't have to cook brought to you. I would have so loved that each time I moved. Alas, it has never happened, but somebody has to do it for others, right?

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Dirtbikes and Divas said...

hope you feel better real soon! We just can't get it out of this house, it just keeps circulating! UGH!! Good luck at the gym! It's so hard but it will be easier as a team! :)