Friday, January 30, 2009


OK, we took the plunge Friday and signed up, paid for a year in advance, hoping it will keep us going. I am stoked. I so need this, and am looking forward to it.

We checked out the "Y", but find that we want solitude when we are working out. We love kids, but want to be able to have peace and quiet. Some kids are too 'spirited', we have become used to the quiet and rather enjoy it. Please don't be offended, it isn't meant that way!

I'm going to really invest in an MP3 or something so I can listen to books on tape while there. I am also getting headphones to watch DirecTV there. It will be nice to MOVE while I suck in marathons of Jon & Kate or Little People Big World, or CSI: Miami, or First 48, you get the idea. When I can, I am a real couch potato.

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JEN said...

LOL...I really NEED to join a gym....but decided that the Wii was a better alternative. *confession** I hardly play the wii anymore! Ugh... That's why I have a huge LOL at the beginning of this. I should have joined a gym! I won't admit that to my hubby though! :o) I need to find a Wii Fit!!