Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have been working lots of hours lately. I have been given 3 new projects all at the same time. It keeps me hopping every day. I love to be busy, the days just fly by!!

Hope you are all keeping safe and warm. The temperature is COLD here, the wind chill was in the minus degrees.

It was so cold I saw a SUN DOG yesterday. I had never really seen one before, but as I was walking back to my office from a meeting held VERY EARLY at the main hospital, it was there!! I think it is rare to see them, but the conditions were right yesterday.

This is what ours looked like:


Wendy said...

i actually had to google to see what a sundog really was. Man, isn't the internet great!

Cindy said...

I have the link attached to SUN DOG, it is when there are crystals in the atmosphere, it has to be really cold outside. They aren't a good thing, I would think. I bet Karen would have seen one today, it was -38 there.