Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spode Blue Italian Oven to Table

I have a thing for blue and white dishes. I saved green stamps as a young girl (dates me, doesn't it?) I wanted to buy dishes for my cedar chest, so when I married, I would have a set of dishes. I chose the blue willow pattern, it was my favorite. I had no china cupboard to put them in, so they were moved from home to home in the box they came in........until I got to a house big enough to allow a china cupboard in my dining room.

Since that time, I have added to the set, a few pieces that are not the same company, but they were the blue willow pattern, or a blue and white dish of some sort. You can see them in the background of these photos.

Pioneer woman shows dishes on her site from time to time. I lust after them always. Recently one of the other readers posted a link to purchase the different oven to table dishes. I am on it, I want some of those pieces in the worst way, but I just got all of that fiesta ware for Christmas. I just can't help myself, when it comes to blue and white, I always want............sigh....

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