Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy 75th Birthday/Blog Giveaway idea

Would anybody be interested in Martha Stewart's Cookies Book? I have it and love it. I am thinking it will be the next blog giveaway. Let me know your thoughts.

My Father in law turns 75 today. My hubby, his 1/2 brother and his new wife and I are taking them to eat at the Big Grove Inn Bed and Breakfast in Oakland, Iowa. It's a quaint little place. The owner had an old log cabin moved to the property, their house was built around it to protect it. They made that portion of the house a bed and breakfast. It has a nice restaurant on the side of the house. We'll have prime rib and the owner is making him a chocolate cake. (his favorite, but I don't think he has ever met a sweet he didn't like.)

Jim and Joyce married about 31 years ago, approximately 2-3 years after my hubby and I married. IT was the 3rd marriage for Jim, the first for Joyce. They have been happy all of these years. She is aging with a few health issues, one of which is Alzheimer's. She sometimes does really well, other times she struggles to remember who people are.

We'll have a good time visiting with them. Jim's a kind, sweet soul, one of the most respectable people I have ever met. I don't know how many more years they can live alone, but we'll always be here for them if they need us.

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supermom said...

hey, what about our paula deen kids book, you sent it to some lady in Canada, but not us!