Friday, January 2, 2009

Recipe Friday Jan. 2, 2009

Last night we had Pioneer Woman's Olive Cheese Bread. My son and husband love it, but we can't eat an entire loaf. I did one half and froze the other for a later date.

Olive Cheese Bread

1 regular can whole black (ripe) olives
1 6-oz jar pimiento-stuffed olives
2 green onions
¾ pound Monterey Jack cheese
½ cup real mayonnaise
1 stick butter, softened
1 loaf French bread

Roughly chop black and green olives. Slice green onions and give them a rough chop. Combine green onions and olives with the softened butter, ½ cup mayonnaise, and grated Monterey jack cheese. Mix thoroughly.

Slice French bread in half lengthwise, then spread mixture evenly over the halves.
Bake at 325 degrees for 25 minutes, or until thoroughly melted and starting to turn light brown and bubbly. Cut into diagonal slices and serve with salad, with soup, with spaghetti, or as a yummy appetizer.

Make-ahead tips: You can make the cheese mixture up to two days ahead of time and store in the
fridge. Or, you can spread the mixture on the bread and freeze the bread, unbaked, for several months.


Shawna said...

We did the olive cheese bread recently and it pretty much filled up the entire family! No need to cook anything else when you're having it!

Wendy said...

looks good, i have been wanting to try it, but keep forgetting about it.

Lindsey said...

this looks really good! I'll have to make it sometime soon! Hope you had a good holiday!!

p.s. I am jealous of all your wonderful fiesta ware! ;)