Monday, July 13, 2009

Isaac is back at Job Corps!

The flight out of Omaha had been delayed. When arriving in Denver, the connecting flight had left. He had to go out of the secure area to get his bag, then used his old ticket to get back in the secure area. Weird, he checked on the new flight with his old ticket. So all this time they had no record of him being on the flight.

They called to tell us he was on the right flight. I called Job Corps to let them know he was there. Not even 20 min. later he calls me from job corps to say he was there safe and sound. I never want to go thru this again!!!!!!!!!!

He is such a fun spirit, Here he is with Miss O, she loves him to death, he is so willing to just be a kid with her and Noah.


Rickie said...

Great news Cindy---so happy to hear that all is well!

Wendy said...

whew! what a night! i don't think i want to fly united lol.. glad he is safe and sound.

supermom said...

me neither. the whole time, Bryan says, now, keep you whits about you, keep you whits about you and all I could do was crumble. then when Noah asked if he was gone forever, ugh, that didn't help either.

so, he needs a phone. so, we don't worry ourselves like this!i can't go through that again either!

Dirtbikes and Divas said...

God is Good! I tossed and turned all night! I'm so happy to hear that all is well!!

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad he was okay. What a horrible scare to go through! I can't imagine your worry. So, Job Corps. That's great! What will he be doing and why did he join?