Monday, December 29, 2008

Blogging by mail package

I must apologize to Liz Shaw from Australia for not posting photos sooner of her amazing package sent to me for the Blogging by Mail event that I participated in. She sent the most adorable sugar cookie cutters, I love them!

Because Steve and I found ourselves with an empty nest, she sent an egg timer to me, I thought it was a stupendous idea, and will use it often, I love boiled eggs. But I like them soft in the middle, this little creation will help me to get them just right!!

Steve used the little peeler last night to get the potatoes ready for homemade chicken and noodles. It was a great little tool. I like it much better than the hand held ones, it is somehow easier to use.

Love the little notepad that is a purse. Karen and I are huge purse people, so this was perfect!!!

The box was perfect, and so fun to get something from Australia!!!! Thank you Liz!!!


Brandy said...

That is so cool, it is probably all stuff that is super common there but here is totally AWESOME! What a neat thing to participate in.

supermom said...

you failed to tell me it arrived. i knew it, coming from australia, i am sure took forever. lots of ships to get on or plains to jump on. oh my, this looks like the coolest pkg ever. Liz, you are way cool. love the cookie cutters. so darned cute. a kangaroo. oh, the kids would love that. guess what we are gonna be doing w/ grandma when we come home? lol! wow, so cool!

supermom said...

oh, Kate's little girl Alexis on j&K plus 8 would love the algigator. lol! too cute. and the australia country. flipping awesome.

Cindy said...

Brandy, you can do it the next time, just have to stock her website, but she does it twice a year, I think! It was so much fun. I posted photos of the stuff that I sent to Lindsey in chicago. It was fun to get her things she needed and wanted.