Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random things

I am posting pictures of the walking stick that landed on Steve's arm a few weeks back when he was cleaning up the yard, it measured 6". I put a ruler down next to it, but it walked away, I couldn't get it to sit still while I snapped a quick shot of it. Guess that's why they are called 'walking' sticks!!

Photos of the bracelet I made,those bracelet beads are not mine, by the way, they were purchased. I finally made heart beads that weren't 'weird' shaped.

The pies I baked, from scratch, then put 1,000 miles on them over the holiday weekend getting them to my daughter's house.

And a few other random things, the blogging by mail package I sent. I posted right after I shipped it to the person I was assigned. I promised a picture, but just now am posting, sorry for the delay. The little pigs are marzipan, to represent my location. Too fun, enjoy the randomness........


supermom said...

dad always find cool stuff in the yard. how could you not get a pic of him feeding the skunk a hot dog. i love the walking stick. he is so cool.

that pumpkin pie was so worth the 1000 or so miles that it took to get here. i ate a piece everyday until it was gone. :O)

the bracelets are gorgeous. did you make those. ha ha, i kill me.

Cindy said...

HAHA, nope, I don't make beads, where did you get that idea???? You kill me, too.

That walking stick was 6" long, I put a ruler down there, but he kept walking away, I had a terrible time.

It flew in on his arm, he got it on the front step long enough for me to run grab the camera.