Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Found another one!

Last year when walking down the hill to my building, I found a wallet neatly lying on the ground. I found a business card in there telling me where the guy worked. I gave him a quick holler, found out he worked in the mail room right across the street from me.

I took his wallet over after calling him and telling him to stay right there. I apologized for opening it, but had to find out who it belonged to. Anyways, he was thrilled to get it back intact, money, CC, debit, etc.

Well, today I found another one, this time it was one of his co-workers. I had to laugh, what are the odds?

I lose mine all the time, but it's usually in that mammoth sized purse of mine.

Found this blog giveaway here.

1 comment:

Denise said...

How awesome that you did the right thing.

I just saw on my blog that I won a cookbook from you. Sorry I didn't reply. I've been so lazy about updating my blog and even worse about noticing updates to comments.

If you gave it away to someone else, that's OK. If not, you can email me at denisewalks@hotmail.com to get my addy.

I tried to email you through your blog but my computer blocked me for some reason.