Monday, December 1, 2008

Blog give away: Paula Deen's Cast iron casserole

OK, let's give away Paula Deen's 5 quart casserole in your choice of color! This baby is HEAVY! You have until 2pm CST to tell me your fondest memory of the holidays.

Sorry, only folks in the US and Canada.

Make sure I have an email address or a way to get ahold of you if your name is drawn. You have one week after notification of winning to get your snail mail addy to me. This will be so fun.


Deanne said...

I don't have one specific memory as all of my memory's of our childhood holidays are wonderful as we were always together. No matter how short money was Mom and Dad always made sure that we had plenty of gifts and they alway made sure we got at least one of the things we most longed for. I will never forget the hours we girls spent in the kitchen with Mom cooking all those wonderful meals. Yummmm

grandmacarnes said...

Wow, only one entry? I thought for sure that there would be more........WOWEE, Deanne, you might just have it!!!

Dirtbikes and Divas said...

I just went to Savnannah and drooled as I drove by Lady and Sons, I'm in!! My favorite memory of the holidays would have to be our once a year trip to Mr. C's in North Omaha. We couldn't afford to eat out a lot but we had a santa piggy bank that we filled with our loose change during the year and then in December we would use the money to go out to eat, I can still remember the Christmas lights and Mr. C personally giving us ornaments( we were little and we thought he was famous, we were so impressed). I still think about our Christmas outing every year when I hang my Mr. C ornament on the tree.