Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clean organized studio 21Mar2009!!! YAY ME!!

The studio is done, Steve is walling in his woodworking area. He's also got a window so he can watch the animals from his work bench. We both have a radio and CD player, I have a DVD player compliments of my sisters. (see photo, they are all 'special')It was a coveted birthday gift a couple years ago. They got it for me, not that I watch TV while I am torching, but I listen to my favorite movies. It is a nice luxury to be able to do that. I had to change the original photo with the rug, it was bugging me that it looked dirty. There are also spots all over one of my cabinets. But in real life there is nothing there. Must be my camera?!

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supermom said...

wow, it is a totally different place in there. looks great. that picture is so hideous of you girls. cracks me up.