Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunny day equates to organizing the studio

About a month ago I bought some cabinets at Menard's to organize the glass studio. I've been waiting for nicer weather so I could get into that space and clean it out. Today it was sunny, not real warm, but warm enough we could open the big door on the garage and start working on the studio.

Steve and I pulled all the existing cupboards, tables, shelves, etc out of the studio. I set to work tossing and sorting what I wanted to keep. We donated a good portion of things to West Central Development, then went back to Menard's to get another cabinet and a shelf to hold my TV, DVD player and the stereo.

Tomorrow we'll finish it up, then I may feel more inclined to get into the space and make beads. I've got 2 shows coming up soon, must get ready.


supermom said...

pics please. HA. got some great fabric today at walmart in Fargo, i couldn't believe the fabric they had. it was AMAZING.

Cindy said...

Pics? I didn't do befores, it scared me to even walk into the place. It isn't finished, but it feels great!!!