Monday, July 30, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Not a lot going on. I miss my grandkids so much! I wish they lived closer. It always makes me so happy to see my little sister with her grandson, we call him baby Josh. I'd like to have my babies right there close to me, too. But they aren't.

Grandma Quote for the day: Grandmothers are the people who take delight in hearing babies breathing on the phone. SO TRUE!

Spent Saturday at the river for my brother in law's 40th birthday. He is married to my little sister Wendy. They have Danny and Riley, both children have very unique personalities. I love them dearly, that Riles just cracks me up, she always comes to say Hi and give me a hug, no matter where we are.

Spent most of my weekend cleaning the car, the garage, organizing things I wanted to 'straighten' up, mostly puttering around. I tried to keep from taking a nap on Sunday and it worked. Steve and I took a long walk around the Lake in the morning, then walked around town in the evening. Trying to get some weight off before our trip in January.

Steve's dad gave Karen 4 photo albums to take home to look at last time she was home. They are old pictures of his family, some of Steve when he was little, and some of Us when we were first married, as well as the kids. He had a photo of me when I graduated Nurse's training. I don't even have that picture. Jim is a sentimental guy. He is a very sweet person, those stacks of pictures make him crazy. He pours over them trying to figure out who everybody is....when his Mom (Steve's Grandma Della)died, she left a cedar chest full of pictures for Jim to sort through. It is a job he has been working on since her death 20 years ago. I don't know how many albums he has put together, but there are huge stacks of them. Once he confirms who people are, they go into an album with a label, telling who they are, and a rough guesstimate of their age or the date. Many of the old photos have the date on them. Makes it real nice. When I went to see Karen after the 4th of July, she sent them back with me to give to Steve's dad. I went thru them this weekend, it is weird to look back and see yourself 20 years ago, or more.

Isaac is off today, he is death on donating blood, the blood mobile is in town, so he asked for the day off, even though I told him he could go after work. He is as dedicated as I am to it, but Karen and Steve neither one ever give. Weird how much he takes after me, but if you told him that, he would freak out! (Like that's a bad thing or something.) HAHA

Starting another work week, it is exciting to do this new job, sometimes I feel like a fish out of water. But I am learning as I go.

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