Monday, July 30, 2007

Isaac's writings

While Isaac was in his Senior year, he took an English class that involved writing. His teacher told us that he was very gifted in his ability to write, she has not seen this ability ever in a young high school aged person. Matter of fact, she was sure that he was plageurizing his content. She looked in all the places teachers have access to look, when she asked Isaac where he got his material. He just looked at her and pointed to his head, "I get it right here." When she asked him questions about the internet and if he saw any of it there, he looked at her in the most perplexed way and asked, "You can do that, really?" his only use of the internet is for games and chatting. I am very proud of his ability, and would like to share this piece that he did, it is called Synectics:


The pencil is wiser than the pen, for it can correct what it has done wrong

The sidewalk is easier to forgive than the street, for when you bump someone on the sidewalk, you won’t be hurt

The calendar is wiser than the clock, for it tells of events to come

The answer is easier to teach than the question, for we already know the question

The cloud is more of a contest than the sunset, for they race each other across the sky

Old is feared more than young, for you are much closer to the end

Math is more of a promise than science, for the answer is always the same

More difficulty lies in the dream than the nightmare, for we always wish it to be true

The year is braver than the hour, for it presents more opportunity for error

The entrance shows more pride than the exit, for the coward only seeks the exit

The map is easier closed than the road, for at the end of a road, is another road

The mirror holds the legend, not the glass, for it reflects you exactly as you are

Rain is more suspenseful than the snow, for rain falls in darkness, snow can fall from the light

Charm is in the autograph instead of the signature, for it shows someone already finds you fascinating

History is more trusted than literature, for you know how it happened

The friend is more useful than the enemy, for they stand with you against the enemy

To seek is sadder than to find, for you do not know where you are

The home costs more than a house, a house costs money, but home is where the heart is

Happiness lies in art more than music, for music ends, art is eternal

The truth is a valentine, not the lie, for it shows you love enough to have full faith in that person

He also did a summarization of "The Scarlett Letter" which is so amazing his entire class sat in silence once he finished reading it, finally one of the students asked if he wrote it, he told them "YES" and they applauded. The teacher said he nailed the essence of the entire story. I read the Scarlett Letter, then his paper, I have to agree. I am so proud of him, I hope he does something amazing some day.

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