Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pretty quiet here

Nothing of interest going on, I miss my grandbabies. I wish they lived closer.

The flowers in the yard are having a terrible time in this heat. I water them each night, last night I had to throw 2 hanging baskets away, they seem to be the ones that attracted the hummingbirds to the yard.

No parties going on this weeekend, I am bummed. Around the 4th we had something going on each weekend, and several days during the week.

Tonight I am going to clean some more, trying to get ready for my hubby's return. He is working on a Building Maintenance Plant Engineering Certificate. Right now his studies are in the Electrical, he has 2 more classes to take then he will be done. When I talked to him last night, there is quite a bit of information to absorb, he is studying away, the test is on Friday. He did very poor in high school, but when he went to get his Heating and Air Conditioning, he was top in his class. The only one that didn't miss a class, and was on time every day. It's weird how people do that, isn't it? He just hated high school, didn't apply himself and never studied.

I enjoy reading all the blogs, I wish we all had more time to update more often.

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Brandy said...

amen sister, they need to update DAILY!! love to all, mike