Monday, July 9, 2007

All trips have to end

I am home from seeing the grandbabies. We had so much fun! Immediately when I walked in, Olivia had to get on my lap to sit. She kept pointing at me and saying, "That is my grandma!". She is so cute. Noah kept calling me his 'BOONGAWNY', a make up word he and his cousin Vaughan call each other. All in all, I couldn't get over how big they are, how good they talk, and how sharp they are mentally. It was an exhausting trip, but so fun.

We took them to the water park, Karen wouldn't ride the bumper boats with them, she had a bad experience on them when she was a little girl, so I volunteered to take Olivia. When I stepped onto the raft, my leg got cuaght, and my foot slipped, putting one leg in the water. I had a terrible time getting to my feet, I was so weak, because all I could do was lay there on the cement and laugh! Karen was trying to help me, and she was laughing so hard, too. The poor girl running the ride looked exasperated, she was trying to help me too. By the time I finally got up, Olivia was spooked, and would have nothing to do with riding the bumper boats. Most likely I have ruined the experience for her forever.

After we got settled down, Karen got Olivia a cherry drink, and we sat to cool down, the temperature was almost 100. Olivia kept pointing to me and saying, "Grandma fell in the water." She was so unimpressed with my lack of grace. HAHA.

She also kept telling me I was FRAGILE. They tell Noah that all the time, to be nice to sissy, because she is FRAGILE. Usually right before he is winding up his throwing arm to pitch something at her..........typical big brother picking on his sis.

Got home yesterday to sweltering heat, with no rainfall the whole 4 days I was gone, even though they had predicted rain on Sat/Sun for our area. It finally hit today.

My flowers were stressed, Steve watered them each day while I was gone, I watered them when I got home yesterday. Even though he watered in the morning, by night they were bone dry again.


JEN said...

HA HA HA!! I laugh out loud every time I read about you falling again. Thanks for making my day (again!) I wish I could have heard Olivia call you FRAGILE...ha ha ha that had to be priceless!

grandmacarnes said...

Jen, it was so funny, I had one leg stuck down the side of the boat, up to my knee in the water, the other leg was still in the boat, and I had ahold of the two metal things you stand between to get onto the boat with. I laughed so hard, poor Olivia! When she says FRAGILE, she makes the I loooong, it is the cutest!