Thursday, July 19, 2007


I am so glad it rained, I knew it would, I watered my plants last night, even though the forecast said that it would rain. It has been saying that for the last 3-4 weeks, and we haven't gotten a thing. I watered things really good, about the time I went to bed, I saw lightening, then heard the thunder. It poured most of the night. Wouldn't you know it?

Called Karen yesterday to see how the babies are, Olivia threw up most of the day, the whole time I was talking to Karen on the phone, she was telling Olivia to sit down and take it easy. She was running all over the house jumping and playing. I guess she didn't know she was sick! She is such a little spicy girl. I could hear Noah in the background asking his mom to let him wear makeup too, since she and sissy were putting it on. Karen was trying to explain it was just for girls, but he was too interested in the whole process to care about that little tidbit of information.

Karen is working part time at a local hotel as the assistant to the General Manager. It is weird how things come full circle. When she was considering her career after high school, she decided she wanted to do hotel management, but there was no training for it in our area. She studied for her paralegal instead, which she hated after getting an associates degree. Now she is in a job that is training her to do exactly what she wanted to do in the first place. Weird, isn't it?

Isaac is workign at the local McDonald's. He comes home looking like he could melt away, it has been 90+ here with very high humidity. That store is the only fast food place in that town. It is extremely busy. The cars are lined up to the road every day around lunch time. He said the first year it was in business, it made 1M in profit. That is pretty good for a town that sized, I would think. I hope he hates it so that he is motivated to go back to school.

Steve returns tomorrow, I can hardly wait, I miss him! He is trying to study each night, he is a very slow reader due to dyslexia. He sees extra letters in words, and sees things backwards, so it slows him down. The instructor has given 60-90 pages a night for them to read. He is really concerned he won't pass the exam tomorrow, but I have faith he will. He is better at this than he thinks.

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JEN said...

I've been meaning to ask have those pesky birds been leaving your yard alone? Ever since Aaron shot one with a bb gun I haven't seen many around anymore in our yard. I can't wait to see your backyard - I would love a fountain and a sitting area. Especially for the weekend mornings drinking coffee, and the nice evenings.