Monday, July 2, 2007

Fountain is UP!!!!

Steve finished the back yard, the fountain is up, we sat out there and had a glass of ice tea after he was all done, the sound is so soothing.

I spent yesterday spray painting children's sized lawn chairs. They look like adult sized chairs, I did one in orange and one puprle for the grandkids. I'll get some pictures, I love pictures on the blogs!

My little brother Mikey, one of the twins has taken to nagging us about updating our blogs................HEY, THAT USED TO BE MY JOB! HA!

It seems his wife bought another bottle of UV for the River for the 4th of July party........I hope it is big enough this time. She was so chintzy with the one on Saturday..........hehe.

I enjoyed seeing the whole family together. My nephew has a little girl that had bilateral cochlear implants, she is so dang cute! It's always fun to see the little ones that are just walking good go toodling all over the place. I enjoyed watching the kids. They get tons of mileage out of all the dirt and sand at the river, they have tons of trucks and toys to mess around with. I love watching them all.

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