Tuesday, July 24, 2007


EDIT: I found it on CD and gave it to the library last night, I am so thrilled, Wal-Mart had it.

I enjoyed this book. The only thing that was not explained, what is that squirming thing at the end of the book? It never did say.......I have my speculations.

Now I am done with the series, it is anticlimactic.I want another series to keep me interested like that. I used to read Nora Roberts series when she did them, but I have gotten away from that.

I get books on CD to listen to on the way to work, then I loan them to the local library.....or should I say donate. I took in one a week ago to find the librarian completely floored by my donation. She asked me if I donated books often on tape and CD. I told her I had been doing that for years, the old librarian knew that I dropped them in the deposit box whenever I got a new one. It was just soemthing I did, because I could not keep them at home, I ran out of places to store them after awhile. I also thought other commuters would love to listen to them. She has been running ads in our local paper askign the person that had been donating all the books to please come to the library to let them know. She said that people are thrilled to have them and are checking them all out.

I have to laugh. I would never give the library money to buy books on tape or CD. They aren't in touch with what the people want to read or listen to, they get silly things on tape, like motivational and educational 'stuff'. We want Stephen King, James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell, Dean Koontz, Elizabeth Lowell, shall I go on?

I am always surprised to find the stuff in the library that they spend donated money on, I would rather choose it and donate it to them. If I don't know what I am talking about, I wonder why my stuff flies out of there?

Nothing else going on, talked to Karen last night, the babies are doing good, they are in Vacation Bible School right now, Brian and Karen donated their time for the week.

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