Tuesday, July 3, 2007

July 4th Holiday

This holiday is usually a big one in our family. Most all of my family has served in the military. We are very proud of their sacrifices to maintain our freedoms in the USA.

Tomorrow we will go to Steve's brother Scott's house for an early lunch, then to my little brother Michael's campground to celebrate. His friend, Zach has returned to the US, we are happy to have him join our family gatherings. Generally he brings his son, whom we call Baby Zach, even though he is growing taller every day. We haven't seen them in a long time, it is good to have him home safe and sound.

I have a lot of cooking to do tonight in order to have enough to take to both places. I love to cook, so it isn't a problem for me to come up with something.

I hope you all have a good, safe holiday weekend.

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