Monday, July 16, 2007

I would not do well as a single woman

Steve has to take a class for a week, I missed him before he got in the state vehicle to leave. The house seems so empty without him there. I don't know how women live alone. But then, I have always been married, for 32 years as of next month. Maybe it is OK If you are single and not married, you don't miss what you don't have or don't know.

I plugged the fountain in yesterday, it is such a nice, peaceful sound to sit in the yard and listen to it sprinling water quietly from one basin to the next. I want to thank my dear sisters and ONE sister in law for the gift, it was one of the most thoughtful things they have ever done for me.

Our neighbor across the street lost his wife about a month ago. That means he has the house up for sale. The house hasn't been occupied for a year. He has some weird agreement with some people in town. He is going to let them live in the house and pay him 1/2 the house payment on it, they are given permission to use his vehicles, his garage and tools, etc. I think he is asking for trouble, but it is really none of my business. But then, he asked Steve and I to keep an eye on the place for him, if we see or feel there is trouble there, we are to call him, he is moving back to Alaska. The new tenants have lost their new duplex in a new housing development in town by the elementary school. I think that is a red flag. But I am very cautious. A home is very expensive to repair if you get the wrong people living in it, there goes your equity, not to mention the time and expense to get it repaired.

I told our son I am not cooking all week. I'll eat a salad at night, and forget cooking. This will give me a nice break. Isaac didn't have much trouble with it, he cooks for himself, and does a fine job. We'll see how many days I hold out. I plan to clean like a fool each night to pass the time until my hubby comes home.

I also have the dates for the Music Jam held in our community building in town. My little sister, MICHELLE sings there once in awhile. I love to hear her sing. The dates are as follows:
July: 24th
Aug.: 7th
Sept.: 4, 18th
Oct.: 2,16, 30th
Nov.: 13, 17th
Dec.: 11th

Each session starts at 7pm. They ask regular participants to bring a food item. Suggested cost to enter is $2/person. Pretty cheap entertainment for 2-4 hours.

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