Friday, May 29, 2009

Cute Measuring spoons

Bakerella had all things cupcake on her blog today. Karen and the grandkids love all things cupcake, I really love the measuring spoons. However, my practical side says I should not pay $20 plus $5 shipping for I won't, but they are too cute. I know people that have roosters in their kitchen, those would be cute, and the sunflowers, and the teapots and the teacups. OOOOOoooooh. I had fun looking there.

I'm working on getting somebody to come teach those cake decorating classes!!!


Lindsey said...

I saw these on her site also, they are sooo cute!!

Dirtbikes and Divas said...

You rock!! If we can't do it at Bowley's I know we could use our churches basement!! Or even my house if we have to!!! :)

Wendy said...

what cake decorating classes?? i might be interested!! remember all that stuff I have??