Saturday, May 30, 2009


I got accepted to be in a glass bead exchange on Friday, I need 30 bracelet sized beads ready, wrapped for dangling on a bracelet and shipped by Monday. When I initially emailed the gal to ask if I could be an alternative if somebody cancelled at the last minute, she told me no.........then when 3 people cancelled she contacted me again.

Last night after work I started making the charms, I got 10 made, worked until 1:30am. Got on the internet and surfed for 45 min. then set the kiln to ramp down. Got to bed at about 2:30am. This morning I slept until 8:30, got up, went to breakfast, then to the nursery to get bedding plants and mulch and some wrought iron trellises to put my clematis home about 10:30 am, (sat in the restaurant and talked to Suzanne for 45 minutes OOPS!!!). Then we got home and decided we needed to go to the city. Did all that and just got home. Haven't been surfing the net, catching up on blogs or making beads. I forgot my cell and realized my BFF Sandy and my daughter have been trying to call me..........

It's been a great day, now I'm off to the studio while Steve naps.

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