Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon and Kate Season 5

I am done watching this show, I am so angry at them I could scream. Marriages are supposed to last, that is what the vows are for, and they said them TWICE!!!

Neither one of them said they would fight for their marriage, neither one was there for the other.....HELLO, you need to fight to stay married, not give up. I could smack them both. Kate is such a strong willed, stubborn person, I thought for sure she would tell Jon she was going to stay married and he was just going to have to work out his issues. Believe me, they are his issues, he is immature, insecure and doing things to sabotage the show so Kate will be humiliated enough to stop filming. Then his sorry rear will have to go out and work to support all 10 of them, or better yet, pay child support for all 8 kids. What a fool. He has forgotten what it takes to work for a living. He couldn't support them all before, which is why the show has been such a blessing..........he needs to MAN UP!!!

I've spoken my piece on the Jon and Kate fan site listed on my blog....let me know your thoughts.

Did I mention I am angry???????

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