Saturday, May 30, 2009

Noah's last soccer game/Flowers/Cake Classes

Between him and Brady they scored 5 goals, Noah also assisted in another one. The whole team, which is 4 boys scored 10 points!!! I think they got it, now that it is the last game! HAHA!

Miss O starts dance in a few weeks, it is going to last 36 weeks. Wow, that is quite a bit, but she wants to do it so bad. She dances and dances to Madagascar. She's such a hoot, even though you can't tell her she is.

Planted most of the flowers I got at the nursery today. Can't wait for them to start getting bigger. I got bright pink vinca, used to grow it at my other house. It got huge, I miracle grow all my flowers like a religion on Fridays.

I also got 3 ferns in hanging baskets, I usually stagger them, fern, flower, etc. I just haven't found any flowering basket I like this year, and they are $27/pot, only a 12" one, too! When you need 11 BASKETS that can be pricey.

I got pink impatiens to grow by the deck. The hummingbirds like the bright pink ones. When I did private duty home care on Dr. Jack's wife, she told me that hummingvirds love plain old pink petunias. I discovered that they also like the bright pink vinca. Last year I had some swarming my pot outside the front door, they came by around 10-10:30 PM.

Going to grill some rib eyes tonight, my favorite steak. I also went to Fareway to get chicken and ham salad today, our favorite.

Steve loves garlic stuffed olives. We used to treat ourselves when they were $5/jar, now they are $7/jar. OUCH, we are going without.

Leslie, no call yet from that Wilton instructor. I gave her 3 phone numbers to call me, we'll see. I spoke to Phyllis at the restaurant this Am, she'll be interested, and Suzanne will, too. So that is 4 so far. hehe, conspiring already.


Leslie said...

I like people who get things done.... I am a good idea person but not real good at organizing and follow through. My mom just said today...I wish I could make a nice looking cake and I replied "well........"
Sounds like you've had a productive weekend!! Enjoy your Sunday!

supermom said...

oh sure, i see how you are, you ladies gonna take a cake decorating class? so not fair. they don't do that where i live. humph!