Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pendants for exchange and my Grandkids

I can't take decent photos of my work, I finally ordered a photo cube and decided I will get serious about taking better pictures. I would like to post them more often, but can't get good enough pictures. Have a new camera, but haven't taken the time to mess with it......evenings are short when you work 60 min. from home.

there's Olivia sitting at the soccer field watching Noah play, Noah in his uniform,he is the one with his head turned toward his coach with his arms crossed. They are so little compared to the other team!! He has scored in every game they have played. Two nights ago he scored the only goal........he loves it when he scores!!! He's a little competitor like his Dad, his dad played soccer all through school. He wins at everything, he was also the chess champion, so has brains, too. Noah is going to be like his Dad..........

There we are watching All Dogs Go To Heaven on Sunday before Aunt Wendy and Jen returned with their mommy from the scrapbook retreat. I got caught undressed, I had showered, but didn't have my clothes on.......Miss O came to the bathroom door to ask me if I ever ate breakfast in my pajamas. I told her I did, so we ate breakfast in our jammies. THey nearly got me into trouble because I was supposed to be dressed, packed and ready to go. My son in law told me, 'They are here' I grabbed my suitcase, ran up the stairs and told them to cover for me. When they walked in, I heard Noah tell them I was in the bathroom and would be right out. I was brushing my teeth and pulling on my jeans all at the same time. I came downstairs with my self all presentable in 5 minutes. I packed on Saturday night, so I was ready. It was so wrong to have to leave them.

My little sister who is an awesome photographer came over and took some photos of my beads. These last 2 photos are much better!!

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supermom said...

did you make those too. they are beautiful! love the pics too. didn't know you had breakfast in your jammies!