Sunday, May 31, 2009

Steve worked hard building for me

The bare area is the new arbor Steve built, I got another 'red' clematis to plant. All of them I have gottn so far (3) were supposed to be red. When they got big enough and bloomed, they were jackmani and purple, all 3. So I hope this one is truly red. It is planted on the right side of the new arbor.

I took pictuers of the new metal thing that we hung on the garage, our local nursery has some truly neat things out there for sale like this. I also got a pretty tall trellis to put my other clematis on, it was too tall for the old one. Let's see how it works.

Jen, I need a metal chair from Garden Ridge to go next to our metal talbes and the other metal chair and we will be all set. We also have the fountain in, courtesy of all my sisters (x4) and one sis in law. She (sis in law) should be getting home tonight from Washington, DC. Tabor schools take a class there every year for educational purposes. I think that is the neatest thing!!!


JEN said...

Have you been to Garden Ridge yet? I love that place! I love what you've done to your place! It looks so peaceful and relaxing! As Aaron would say - all your missing is a hammock!! :)

Dirtbikes and Divas said...

beautiful!! Does your fountain have a pineapple on top? They had fountains like this at the Hotel Royal Plaza in Florida...I fell in love with them!! Everything looks like it belongs in a magazine!!

Cindy said...

It is cozy and quiet back there, it's the space up beside my studio. The fountain does have a pineapple on top, I got it with the birthday money given to me by my sisters and sister in law 2 years ago. Isn't it great?

I llve the wisteria, we planted it last year, it was in a 4" pot, look how big it's gotten.

supermom said...

with a close inspection by Noah and Miss O, they spotted the dandelions and were so excited to see that G'ma has dandelions in her yard. LOL. forget the purple stuff, it is all about the weeds, lol.

i love the iron cross you have hanging up. looks so cool! Williams' must have quite the little shop.

The only thing missing would have to be a fire pit!

Cheryl said...

Your gardens are just beautiful. Too bad about the clematis colors. Still, the purple is very pretty. I love the trellises. And I really crave a fountain :)