Monday, June 1, 2009

Wilton Classes coming to town

The instructor that teaches for Hobby Lobby just called me, she is willing to drive down to teach the classes. She'll take no more than 10, but will come for whatever we get signed up.

She thought our coffee shop was a little bitty thing. wherever she teaches she would require electricity.

First class is demo's and she tells us about supplies for the next classes. She also gives us the course books for each course. There are 4, usually done in 2 hour segments once a week.

However, she's sending me all the information and we can figure out how we want to set it up with her. So far the people interested:

Linda P

HaHA, I bet more would come. Just got to get the word out. Leslie, think I should put up flyers or put something in the shopper??????


supermom said...

well, stinky pants, so not fair! suppose she would drive to my neck of the woods.

Wendy said...

i would put something out this weekend since it is Maui in Malvern..lots of people would see it.