Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Arts Festival

I love the Summer Arts Festival. This year Isaac was able to go with us, he got this dragon mug. He bought one that wasn't as ornate last year, but it got broken. THis one is so neat. I love how the tongue hangs out the side of his mouth, it is on the top of the mug. I liked the blue one, but I didn't buy it, so we got the black one.


supermom said...

this looks really cool! i was expecting a full report of the festival....sigh....i see how you are. did you find any syrups, if not, i will go to walmart 2morrow to get some. i think this crud has finally passed! good thing, i got too much to get done today!

JEN said...

I remember years ago Karen and I would always go to this festival together at least we did twice or three times. I haven't been back since. I have great memories of this festival but it wouldn't be the same without my buddy, so I've never been back! :)