Sunday, June 21, 2009

Exchange beads are done!!!

I am done with the 20 floral beads for the exchange. I am mailing them tomorrow. It feels good to get them done, but I am not doing another exchange any day soon. It took 45 min. or more per bead to get these done, I could have spent the time making product for the show I am doing. However, the benefit to doing these is getting a technique down pat, or to let the ideas flow. I had some great ideas while making these florals. It also helped me to get my wire wrapping perfected. I made them all into pendants for each participant. It was so much fun!!!!!

The last one ended up being a complete pain, the coordinator was a real snot, judging beads sent in by a selected few in the group, making public comments about how bad they were, etc. She also had the nerve to threaten people, telling them she was going to send all their beads back to them if she got mad at them,etc. It was a real nuisance while it was going on. The glass bead world has some real drama queens in it.

I'm getting ready for the Lauritzen Gardens show coming up in Aug. We'll be making glass beads so the general public is aware how the beads are made. Some think you can just sit down and slap a little glass on a rod, then ask for outrageous prices. Never ceases to amaze me! I would never walk up to my friend Mary Sneed and suggest her paintings were too expensive, or ask her if she 'really' gets 'those prices for THAT'

So, out to the studio in this sweltering heat to melt some glass. I am usually a real pansy when it comes to the heat, but in my studio I don't seem to notice at all.

Only 4 more days and my son is home, I can hardly wait to see him! He called last night to visit with his dad, he's so homesick right now.

Have a good day.

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