Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miss O's wishing flower

Miss O has been wishing on a flower for a Tinkerbell bike. There's nothing standing in the way of getting her that bike for Christmas right now, never mind it is sold out everywhere.....

She'll wish on a flower, then ask her Mom all day if she thinks it worked. Then she'll wish again and ask if she thinks it worked. She's out in their yard or Grandma Sandy's yard looking for 'wishers' to blow on to wish yet again for the bike...

Miss O never asks for anything in the way of toys, dolls, etc. She's pretty content to play with her brother's things or to just hang out in her room listening to music on her CD player. She's a funny little soul, and so much like her mother at that age. Karen's only request for her Birthday at age 5 was to get a transister radio. We got her one, it went with her everywhere she went. Half her college fund was spent on batteries to keep it going for her! She listened to it all the time.

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supermom said...

oh yes, the "wishers" we check the back yard almost daily for new "wishers" to pop up.

she was just telling me last night that when Santa brings her bike, she is going to come down stairs and say, "it is my TinkerBell bike, yippee." and then she will tell him, "thank you and that he made her SO happy."

i really have to get that girl her Tink Bike. I can't imagine not getting it for her. ugh!