Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's almost over, the college world series, that is. I can't wait. The festivities tie up traffic in the Omaha area like nothing else. It plugs up the bridges coming from Iowa into Nebraska. It is mass chaos.

Next year will be the last year at the present location, Rosenblatt Stadium. Nebraskans, esp. those in Douglas County are getting a new ball stadium. Never mind that the voters didn't approve it, the wise city council decided that for them, and along with it they got the added bonus of an increase in their taxes. Just ask me how happy I am that I live in Iowa!! They are taxed to death in that state, this isn't going to help. To top it all off, they are also building another stadium in the next county west of them, and Bellevue is now discussing building a stadium.

Can you say WOW..............the city of Bellevue just announced they don't have enough money in the budget to hire the extra 12 police officers they need to keep the community 'safe'. So weird.

I truly believe Moms should make decisions like this. They would run down a logical list of what the 'boys' wanted and what they need.........there would be no ball stadiums built with no money to build them. (Sound a little prejudiced? Sorry, this is my BLOG....LOL!) It falls in the same category of your kids wanting ice cream, no money in the food budget to buy it, we need milk instead, which one would you buy??? See, when you put it in those terms it is quite easy. But that is too logical for the government types to 'get'.


Dirtbikes and Divas said...

Preach on!! IDIOTS, and then they want to explore a career tax for those who live out of state but work in Nebraska????

supermom said...

yep, CWS won't ever be the same. taking that hometown feel out of it and adding a corporate feel. sweet! now, if only they would have let 1 casino in on their side of the river, they would have had LOTS of funding for all that "fun" stuff!