Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting busier

Isaac is schedule to come home in a week, I have so much work to do, making pie crust, making homemade noodles, getting the extra groceries, etc. The only thing that would be better is if Karen and the kids could come back to see him while he's here.

Need to get the car detailed, I really really want a new car, but have to wait at least a year. Thinking of keeping mine for Isaac when he's done with's a wagon, but it runs, insurance will be less for him since he won't owe any money on it. It will help him get settled faster.

Here's what I have been lusting after, there are no rebates for them yet, none of our local dealers are willing to push or give we wait, might change our mind next year, we'll see. Kia Soul !......I love the color, they are very cute. I wanted a SCION, too......but Steve hated them, too boxy he says. This one is way cuter, Steve test drove it with me and agrees, this is much better for head room.

I figure if I wait a year, we'll have more information on them, and you never know, they may improve them or make them different and we'll be glad we waited a year.

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Wendy said...

chris' nephew shawn has a car detail business in malvern now..the phone number is in josie williams front yard..from what i have heard he does a good job