Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Paula Deen Bakeware

We've been buying Isaac different items for his apartment after he gets out of school. I think the Paula Deen cookware and bakeware are very masculine in color, I love the olive green bakeware dishes with the dark chocolate brown interior. So pretty. Today Baker's was selling all of the bakeware for 50% off, I got the 9x9, the 9x13 baking dishes as well as the 2 cup liquid measure to match and the prep bowls in a package of 3, so cute!! I love them, it will look nice with all the other things we have purchased.

I'd love to get him the pie pan, the covered round dish and the loaf pan, but they didn't have any there on clearance. Guess I'll be running around to different stores to see if they have any!! What we don't do for our kids, eh???


JEN said...

Well, I'm not even your child and you went way above and beyond your call of duty to get me those Souffle pens! Thank you so much! I treasure you just as much as I treasure Karen! I'm so excited to meet you tomorrow to get them..not to mention SUSHI!!! I'll be in hog heaven! Or is the proper term for this event fish heaven? :)

Cindy said...

Blue SUSHI is my all time favorite. Wonder how many more people that come here like sushi, too? It is always interesting to me the number of people that like it. Liz facebooked Karen and said she likes it, too. Who would have thought????